2006 Mazda MX-5 Miata :The Freewheeling Youth Of The Sports & Car World Matures

Now, in 2006, they moreover with IATA third generation that is as sophisticated as the more expensive sports cars, despite maintaining its favorable low-20-U.S. $ 1,000 prize.

Compared with the previous two versions, 2006 MX-5 IATA slightly larger in most dimensions and gains about 50 pounds. It continues its four-cylinder engine, but now it's 170 hp 2.0-liter 142-hp 1.8 site

Sliding into the interior, it is clear that younger Mazda sports car in a small adult. Sill height space with some sort of knee feel now you feel like you're sitting down on the car, instead of sitting on it. Along with the cabin space is becoming more of a luxury to look inside. Although not exactly a luxurious feel, the new IATA replaces its predecessors Spartan style with a retro look fresher. Leather seats are as easy on the eyes and back. Drape the cloth surface and the rear glass window, and bent it into a nice smooth bunch that latches to the smooth profile is not covered separately.

In general, the cab forward design and implementation. There is a fine, high quality feel that talking about cars at a price greater than $ 25,000 sticker of our tester.

Ignition engine spiders produce sports might be a little darker than Miatas past, but still not satisfactory. Once rolling, planting the foot of gas will come to one of the greatest joy of new IATA. The engine feels slightly stronger than the mean may be able to put a brave acceleration at low speed and energy along very nicely without a downshift. Never feeling of tension or unrest.

It adds that pleasure is the shifter. Historically strong Miatas past, the new version is still notable. Though not as nice as the mechanical sense, correctly sorting, preventing accurate and well-defined ports. A total of his pedals are well spaced for easy heel-feet and downshifting.

When used to control the basic personality of the new IATA is that it is time to tackle some twisty roads. And soon you will see that this aspect of the new car is where the new IATA is quite different from their predecessors.

For one and two-generation Miatas are known for treating the low limits and almost toylike los capabilities, the new IATA feels heftier, more serious, and obviously capable. In earlier Miatas the idea of ​​slipping and sliding back as clear and basically the same as setting a ceiling on a sunny day - IATA practical requested such enthusiasm behind the wheel.

The new IATA happy antics in response to reduced management and communication with all the elves Mazda little earlier. But now the car is not only seems to apply with a strong voice. This version is more powerful motor and grip make this place extremely satisfied with the high corner entry speed and constant control inputs.

He said the things, the IATA is very happy in this environment. Although previous Miatas wild, informal personality on winding roads, the new version does not cornered the ability, as if stuck on the tracks, with a minimum body high and dry very easily intervene.

It is always great fun. Only slightly different form of entertainment.

It is clear that Mazda is a real gem yet produced sports cars. No shaking or squeak to be heard, the engine is smooth, almost exotic personality, and driving controls are precise and solid. You will find yourself double-check the label to see if it really sports car $ 25,000 - $ 15k price competitors with much more than not IATA these things do not get much (if any) better.

On this IATA how the new scheme compared to their predecessors general, picture man was cute but a little over-enthusiastic at the university. He now works in the real world for years and may have a graduate degree.

It is really the same man, but it makes more respect. And it's still great fun to be around.

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